Interview and Interview Coaching

The interview is a chance for the potential employee and potential employer to learn more about each other. If you prepare properly beforehand you should be able to overcome any hurdles the interviewer may place in your way. We will show you:
The different types of interview.
How to prepare.
How to have a relaxed interview.
How to be confident at the interview.
Types of questions you will be asked.
Typical questions and how to answer them.
Success at an interview.
How to finish the interview.
Interview mistakes and how to avoid them.

We also offer basic and advanced interview coaching:

Basic: A one hour tutorial running through tips and techniques, up to 30 minute mock interview with feedback.

Advanced: A two hour tutorial covering all the areas of the basic tutorial but with up to 60 minute mock interview with feedback.

Company Research

Potential employers will expect you to know what the company does, how big it is, who its main
competitors are.

We will provide you with :

Company history
Financial data
Industry information
Main competitors
Recent press articles

With this information at your command you will be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of the company.

Application Forms

Application forms can be difficult for everyone.
How do you put into words the thoughts that you
have? Sometimes you're not sure what is being

We can tell you what to do, and what to avoid. We
cannot make up answers for you, but we can help
find the right words.

We will work with you to ensure all questions are
fully answered and the completed form
demonstrates that you understand what is